Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is parking FREE for guests and members? Yes, in club validation.


2. Do we currently have a Mind – Body Studio? No, not at this time. We do however have extra space we can expand into. We will keep you posted on any news related to the future studio.


3. Will we offer small group training classes? Yes! We will have many personal trainers and will develop small group classes with them as we get closer to opening.

4. Will we offer the newest and best fitness facility around? Yes

5. Will we offer short and long term memberships? Yes, we offer every membership from a one day visit to a one year and beyond. We also offer corporate memberships, family memberships, student, senior and military memberships.


6. Will I get a copy of my membership agreement when I join? Yes, it will get automatically emailed to you. It is very important that your email is correct and you check your spam folder.

7. Will I be able to use the Hyannis, Ma. Club? Yes, Members will be subject to the club location pricing that is frequented.

8. Do you offer Personal Training?  Yes, All of our Personal Trainers are certified and available for a free fitness evaluation.

9. Do you offer Sauna and Towel service? Yes, at an additional cost.

10. Can I freeze my membership?  Yes, with a one week notice.