Yoga to Start on April 16th at 2:30pm and every Sunday at 2:30 pm to follow. This class is FREE to all members and guests! All non members must purchase a $20 day pass to enter the club.
This is ONLY for a limited time for Free classes as spots will fill up quickly!!
Please see the front desk with any questions!
The Fitness500 Team!!

Acroyoga is a physical practice that barrows from many other disciplines like yoga, gymnastics, partner acrobatics, and circus arts. Acroyoga is a partner activity where multiple people work together to do poses and transitions.

Though commonly confused with Ariel yoga, Acroyoga requires the work of multiple participants to do poses and transitions instead of silks or other types of equipment. As such, communication is an important part of acroyoga.

Acroyoga is an inclusive practice allowing for participants of all skill level. The basics can be done with people of any skill level, progressing up to very impressive and difficult skills that require significant preparation and practice to accomplish.